It is impossible to be limited to working in one medium, although there are some that are preferred. For years, once past colorBooks and paperDolls, my artMedium of choice was cloth. i have a college degree in . . . cloth. Cloth may still be my first love and primary language, though i have not worked with textiles in nearly two years. i visualize cloth frequently. And the bits of fabric are still neatly arranged in transparent boxes . . . await.

Yet for the past years, the hours of life have been filled with 8-5 office duties, the demands (now diminishing as they have moved away for college) of 2 daughters, and moonlighting work, in attempt to make ends meet. By the time studio hours appear, it is desirable to feel gratified and productive . . . a variety of coloring materials, paperScraps, old books, transferring materials, shreds of vintage fabrics and sewing notions, and my own photos have made this possible and resulted in an artform i simply call “mezclado”.

Most work is created in small series, with fairly limited materials. Although i have excessive quantities of ephemera and papers, there is no longer the space for it to be out all at once! Most recently, i have been reconstructing books. To view some recent work, one may visit the galleries below or my ETSY shop.






reconstructed books

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