ok, i guess it is official!

cobaltika journal is now … here …

i shall be updating there from here on out, if you would like to change your links/feed, etc. i’ve closed comments on this site, sadly, because i do like the sociability of online journaling so much, but … wow … effing spammers can really try to take the joy out. i imagine they will find me over there eventually, but i’ll worry about that then. i still have my livejournal, of course, and really thought about just making it my public journal, but even though i don’t have trouble with spammers there and have hacked my own code so that ads are not seen on my journal, my guests would be appalled at the obnoxious advertising that has taken over the site, so i don’t want to send you there. i’m surprised that blogspot can get away without jamming ads all over my journal, but i am glad for now. this journal will stay open for archives, because there are some awesome pictures here that i don’t want to hide. besides, it is my history.

otherwise everything is the same, except for one more announcement.

i have an artFire shop now!

i will give it a try for a while. all new objects are going there and there are some already and they are GOOD! i have been having the BEST time this week making Imaginal Palaces - reconstructed structures. go see, if you like!

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