ok, i guess it is official!

cobaltika journal is now … here …

i shall be updating there from here on out, if you would like to change your links/feed, etc. i’ve closed comments on this site, sadly, because i do like the sociability of online journaling so much, but … wow … effing spammers can really try to take the joy out. i imagine they will find me over there eventually, but i’ll worry about that then. i still have my livejournal, of course, and really thought about just making it my public journal, but even though i don’t have trouble with spammers there and have hacked my own code so that ads are not seen on my journal, my guests would be appalled at the obnoxious advertising that has taken over the site, so i don’t want to send you there. i’m surprised that blogspot can get away without jamming ads all over my journal, but i am glad for now. this journal will stay open for archives, because there are some awesome pictures here that i don’t want to hide. besides, it is my history.

otherwise everything is the same, except for one more announcement.

i have an artFire shop now!

i will give it a try for a while. all new objects are going there and there are some already and they are GOOD! i have been having the BEST time this week making Imaginal Palaces - reconstructed structures. go see, if you like!



what i have been doing this weekend (finally!):

building new houses! (why did the phrase “create what you need to find” come into my head and set off this new activity? which i have been making and saving imagery for several years? odd.) anyway, it has been great fun, finally doing it. after creating the images, i am making them into hanging objects. i don’t know if they will go on Etsy. i might be a little over Etsy now. i’m thinking about artFire.

i am also thinking of using the blogger thing again, even though i hate the term blog and have never considered that i “blog” - i journal online. and paste pictures in. etc. but i like lots of people there, and am a little tired of messing with this wordpress on my own site and those effing spammers. grrr!. so … but … i won’t give up my livejournal. too many old old friends there and the ability to filter posts amongst them. my community. we’ll see how this blogger thing goes. maybe i will go back to doing something html-handmade, but um. i doubt it!

if you want to come visit there, please do! it is here. once i am pleased with the way it is working, i will make the “official announcement” of the move, so if Anyone Is Out There, they can re-bookmark! (thank you!)

i am trying to decide if i want to start reading the new Stephen King “Under the Dome”, given by a sister in Texas last visit (i’m so lucky! they pass their books on to me!). it is *really* *REALLY* big and heavy. intimidating…

i guess that’s all.



some scenes from yesterday’s walk

i am really trying to be good about going out for longWalks, and i walk every workDay to and from the office but i am taking this morning off (it will probably be too hot later, but i *might* go out later…). i know it is a Good Thing to do, but god am i ever bored with my neighborhood. 10 years! wait. 11. and a half. during the season changes i get a happy visual jolt, but summer is the least interesting season for me, to make pictures. everything is WAY too shrouded in green stuff. although sometimes it *can* be interesting (see last image). heh.

it is a “holiday weekend” but i am not excited about it - in fact it could be my least favorite. Boom Boom Big Deal. let’s have a revolution and gain some independence from the politicians and the ruling corporations! then maybe we will have something to celebrate! ok, don’t let me get started…

there is a dreadful lack of inspiration going on at the artTable - and life in general lately. i am trying to refrain from becoming too depressed or too cynical. i am trying hard to stick out this last year and odd months, in this town, at that job, in this life, with a good attitude - but i am terribly impatient, lonely and … fearful. i try not to think about it all too much. but there are times i just want to pack it up and go. (where?)

onward. that’s where. breakfast, pigtails, artTable …



today’s delightful discovery



i forgot to mention that i finally got some images up
from the wonderful Benini Sculpture Ranch in Texas,
made last month.
go see if you like!



LA was great. i loved being there, hanging out in betsyWorld. the time went SO fast. we did so much and had so much fun. i didn’t want to come back. hell. i never want to come back lately - to my HOT, smelling-like-rotten-cat-food apartment, with my poor half-dead cat await. knowing i won’t see my family again for MONTHS … boring! lonely! sad! at least there is my bed with the smooth summer duvet and the spinning ceiling fan. and clean underwear. and a poet in the city. at least there is that. all is not awful.

i decided to travel *very* lightly, with only my daypack. i felt like a vagabond. it was fun, being so light. but i had lots of outfits! and a reading book and a writing book and only my little SamboCam. no electronics except for my phone, which i had to keep turned off most of the time because i didn’t bring a charger. i came home with one dollar in my wallet.

but it was all so good. i wrote all the day-to-day details in my paper journal (gasp!), but some of the high points were: the play (of course!) - so impressive, seeing Betsy’s school friends again, meeting Fee’s parents, public transportation, sleeping like a log in Betsy’s bunk bed, Koreatown, David, the Best Fish Taco place in Los Feliz, Trader Joe’s in Hollywood, snacks and wine with Betsy, more sleeping (not even disturbed by the taco truck on the street playing music and calling orders until 3am), the weather - never too hot, cool at night, the Fashion District, downtown, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the beach! in Santa Monica, handmade pizza, Fee, chocolate cupcakes, etc etc. i felt so happy there. hanging out with my girls is just the greatest.

lots more pictures here!



tomorrow i fly to LA! hooray!
i am going to see my Betsy and her first Hollywood play!
it will have to be a quick trip, just the long weekend, but i am so happy to go. and i am going to stay in her studio apartment and sleep in a bunk bed! as it is a theatre weekend, there will be lots of running back and forth and all around, but we will play *something* on Sunday, her day off.

then i have to come back and really hunker down, stay home, make art, not spend a penny.
the party is over… the savings almost gone…
but it has been such fun.