It is difficult for me to call myself “a photographer” : instead “i capture images”. i prefer the Spanish term "imágenes" as it incorporates both concepts of image and imagination. i often reconstruct or glamorize wildly in Photoshop, without apology.

Usually i seek to capture that which is not acknowledged, or hidden in some way, designated unattractive or mundane, and destined to disappear. Yet somehow when these details and events are made visible, and captured, their beauty surprises. Things become amazing when noticed. i still look with a child’s eyes. i am not a careful photographer, in fact usually call myself a “mosquito” (or vampire). i try to claim the essence and the moment, over the actuality.

i don’t have a Real Camera and no longer care to linger in the darkroom. i capture with a fairly basic digital camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ28). A toy digital camera or vintage and toy film cameras sometimes travel with me, and an assortment of cheap plastic cameras with abused lenses are in my stable.

Most images are presented in series and are arranged into galleries for best viewing.

local wandering
kansas & hereabouts

wandering afar
everywhere i can go

random selections
toycam, vintage, cheapcam &etc

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